Expedition doctor



We can offer experienced expedition doctors for any environment and duration as well as package solutions with both preparations, on-site services and telemedicine.




We offer consultation for travel- and expedition planning. Vaccinations, medical kits and post-trip follow-ups can be provided for a variety of situations.


First aid in the outback

Intensive course for lay-men

This is a course for anyone spending a lot of time out of of doors far away from qualified health care. It is suitable for climbers, hill walkers, kite-surfers and adventure sport enthusiasts. We try to make the course consist of at least 70% practical skills and foucus on practical scenarios. This course can be adapted to the background of the participants. Different versions of this course have been arranged over the last 10 years and it has been widely appreciated.

Location: By agreement

Cost: 155 € /participant

Included: Coffee, swedish fika and equipment for the course

Duration: 12 h

Participants: 8-14.  

Instructors: 1-2.  

Wilderness medicine for the hospital doctor

 A weekend course for hospital doctors with a desire to learn what it is like to work far away from your comfort zone

A course for medical doctors where we focus on specific challenges for expedition doctors. What will we encounter? How can we prepare ourselves? What is common and what is dangerous? The bulk of this course consists of scenario training and discussions in small groups regarding dilemmas for treatment and evacuation.

We focuse on: Primary care of the injured patient, S-ABCDE (and MARCH), medical emergencies, wounds and bleeding, hypothermia and frostbite, immobilization and transportation, treatment of fractures and dislocations, field psychiatry, dental problems, group psychology, preventive measures and planning.

Location: By agreement. Usually Bohuslän, Sweden.

Next course: April/may 2020

Cost: 70€/participant

Included: One overnight stay hostel standard, breakfast, dinner and lunch. Equipment for the course.

Duration: Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon

Participants: 10-20.  

Instructors: 2-3 as well as moulaged patients

Advanced Wilderness Life Support

An established concept in wilderness medicine for the professional health care provider

Perhaps the most established course in wilderness medicine globally. The course is organised in cooperation with AWLS in USA and  AWLS Sweden. I have had the opportunity to teach this course in multiple locations over many years. A course that will be recognized by fellow wilderness medicine practicioners world wide.


Location: By agreement

Cost: 1300 € /participant

Included: Accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Equipment for the course.

Duration: 4 days + evening of lectures.

Participants: 15-25.  

Instructors: 4-5 and moulaged patients.




Wilderness medicine - an exposé
Lecture on wilderness medicine and possible scenarios and how to solve them. Adapted to the background of the audience.
Other facets of realilty- experience from aid work in low-income countries
Reclections, regrets and rewarding encounters
Tips and Tricks in the Outback
Practical skills and tricks for medical situations in far away places from the Swedish mountains to deserts and rain forests
Orthopedic injuries in the field
How to treat fractures and dislocations as well as minor conditions like foot blisters and sprained ankles